The 4 Reasons Why you NEED to Take Self Defense Classes

Self defence classes in Lexington

It’s likely that you’re reading this article because you want to learn self defense, or how to handle and deflect a physical attack. In our self defense classes, we cover all the basics of self defense, including how to position yourself, striking, blocking, and breaking free, but we also cover psychological skills like awareness, threat prevention, and keeping calm in high-stress situations. We’re pretty biased- we believe self defense is one of the most important skills in the world. And after reading this article, we hope you’ll agree with us! Read more to find out the 4 best reasons to take self defense classes.

You Never Know What Will Happen

Self defense class

Especially after the year 2020, it’s abundantly clear that we have far less control than we think!

Our everyday lives can be shaken up by anything. Unfortunately it’s just impossible to guarantee that you’ll pass each day safely and without threat.

This isn’t something to think too far into or a reason to stop you from leaving the house, but it’s necessary to reflect on from time to time, especially when you’re considering self defense classes.

We like to tell our students in our self defense classes that self defense is the one thing you don’t want to have to use- but if you need it, you’ll want to make sure you’ve got it.

Here at Vitali Family Karate in Lexington, our martial arts classes prepare every one of all ages to handle an attack and protect themselves and their loved ones from harm, and we’re proud to be able to teach our students how to handle anything life throws their way.

Protect Yourself

self defense training in Lexington

If you want to feel empowered and confident in any situation, physically speaking? Take self defense classes.

We are in no way endorsing going down dark alleys alone or pursuing a truly dangerous activity – but if you find yourself in a compromising situation and need to fight back, self defense is absolutely necessary.

We like to teach smart self defense classes- physical self defense combined with mental awareness and education on how to avoid a fight in the first place.

Our students know how to de-escalate conflicts and avoid them, but if an altercation gets physical, again, you’d probably rather have self defense training than not.

The mental elements and the physical elements of our martial arts classes combined help you maintain physical safety and psychological awareness of threat or danger.

Keep Your Loved Ones Safe

self defense classes in Lexington

In this world, most parents want to make sure their kids know how to defend themselves.

Especially in the unfortunate world we live in, women and daughters are more likely to be attacked, so parents want to make sure their daughters especially know how to keep themselves safe. It’s one thing to protect yourself.

It’s another entirely to protect those you love. There would be nothing more heartbreaking than feeling like you could have done more if your loved one was attacked or got into a fight in your presence.

It’s also critical to pass down self defense education to your children, partners, loved ones, and community members so they can keep themselves and their family members safe if anything should happen when you’re not there to protect them.

That’s why we do what we do with our martial arts classes – to help educate the community and create an empowered population.

Learning self defense for yourself will rub off on the people you care about, and you’ll all feel as safe and capable as possible in any situation you come across.

Get Fit in a Purposeful Way

defense fitness training

Students who take self defense classes feel more confident and capable in their bodies in public, especially women.

Confidence here could mean aesthetic confidence, as self defense classes do help you work up a sweat with regular practice, but it also means feeling safe and secure existing in a physical space where threats or attackers can come from anywhere at any time (again- you never know what will happen).

Not only that but you’re working out and moving your body, but in a way that is purposeful, so you feel even more accomplished after every class.

Training until it’s all muscle memory in our martial arts classes is a wonderful exercise in self-discipline, and understanding the importance of these skills you’re learning is so fulfilling.

This is especially true for our female students, who tend to feel better being in public after they’ve learned self defense and its benefits.


What do you think- ready to join self defense classes yet? 😉 It really is critical, and we do believe it’s one of the most important skills we can teach to our community. Hopefully, now you can understand that the best reasons to learn self defense go beyond just physical safety. When you learn self defense, you’re empowering yourself and those around you to live safer lives! Check out our life-saving Adult Self Defense classes in Lexington right here at our school!